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The Corona Virus has reeked havoc throughout the world, distroyed businesses and changed every aspect of our daily lives. No one knows how long will it last and what the new normal would look like.

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What is this Scan2Go Business?

Scan2Go helps in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic by offering an accurate solution to temperature screening and record keeping. If you understand the importance of accurate record keeping and you are looking for a lucrative business opportunity, this will be your most important webpage you’ll ever read. Scan2Go is a subscription business with annuity revenue, highly profitable and an exciting business to own with a future far beyond COVID-19.

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Why Scan2Go?

The market is desperately in need of this service. Regulations require organisations to measure customers’ temperature and scribble their information in a book. Scan2Go offers a uniquely comprehensive, compliant, secure digital solution to a real paper-based problem. Scan2Go is a product of Ideco who has processed over 20 million similar transactions and has mastered it. You as a Agent will get full access to our brand and our IP and all you have to do is focus on sales into your customer base while we take care of the rest.

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The Ideco Scan2Go offering

Ideco Scan2Go is an affiliate company of Ideco Biometrics, the market leader in trusted identity solutions. We have identified 80 Agency territories across South Africa and will rapidly expanding the brand and business offering. Agencies however are not limited to a given area but may build their business customer base within a manageable region. Each agency will own:

  • The directed allocated territory
  • Their own Scan2Go marketing page
  • Branded and dedicated email address
  • A dedicated business Facebook page
  • Business Manager panel
  • All the tools required to do business
  • and much more
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Agency Investment required?

A once off payment of R25,500.00 plus VAT (R29,325.00) will secure your regional agency license and with minimum effort, you will be able to recover your investment and build a great business. Do note that Agency licenses are limited and territories are only reserved upon receipt of agency payment

Will I succeed with Scan2Go?

Do you doubt that you have the right skills, experience or time to succeed with Scan2Go? The perfect person or business for this opportunity would be the following:

  • Those already supplying services to business
  • Those with strong relationships or connections in industry
  • Ambitious go getters with a strong sales focus
  • Those seeking to build a steady recurring revenue stream
  • Entrepreneurially spirited technology oriented individuals
  • Forward thinking individuals with strong negotiation skills
  • Those who are serious about changing their future
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Will I be empowered to win?

Starting a Scan2Go Agency with us ensures you cover every element required to grow your business from day one. Each agency will undergo:

  • 1 day business training
  • 1 day sales training
  • 1 day technical training
  • Ongoing training where necessary
  • Quarterly, Bi-annual Training
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How to Qualify

Fill in the form below, indicate your business experience and give us your full contact details. Upon receipt thereof, we will contact you to set up the first tier of interviews. We will also send you a full information pack with tools to help you determine your revenue potential. This offer is however limited to serious candidates only and our screening process will be rigorous. Business experience will be preferred however not 100% necessary.