Biometric Identity Management Systems
Ideco is a proud member of the Biometric Institute for more than 5 years

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VisionPass access control

Biometric Products

Whether contactless or touch based, our range of biometric readers will protect your assets, effortlessly, accurately and reliably.

UV-C disinfection


Using germicidal ultraviolet to disinfection the sensor of your touch based fingerprint reader and ensure they are COVID-19 SAFE

People screening


Comply with COVID-19 regulations by accurately recording temperature and contact information securely in the cloud

Guard managing visitors responsibly

Manage Visitors

The most advanced electronic visitor identity management solution for effortless and compliant record-keeping and reliable access control.

Biometric Identity Solutions

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Access Control & Identity Management

Ideco Biometrics has been at the forefront of strategy and technology services in the field of Identity Management for more that 15 years. Providing a broad range of biometric technology, systems design and engineering services, programme and change management, operational support and training services, Ideco is committed to delivering Identity solutions not only critical for privacy and trust, but also fundamental for resilience and governance.

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Online Identity Verification

Identity as a Service

Our cloud based Identity as a Service allows for online identity profiling and real time verification of identity information, ensuring trust in every type of transaction.

Repairing your biometric readers

Biometric Reader Repairs

As the only certified component level repair centre in South Africa, we can help you get the most out of your biometric reader investment.