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Biometric Identity Management Systems

Biometric Identity Solutions

Specialised in Access Control
& Identity Management

Ideco Biometrics has been at the forefront of strategy and technology services in the field of Identity Management for more that 15 years. Providing a broad range of biometric technology, systems design and engineering services, programme and change management, operational support and training services, Ideco is committed to delivering Identity solutions not only critical for privacy and trust, but also fundamental for resilience and governance.

Ideco is the Identity company

Identity Management Solutions & Products

Biometric Readers

Whether standalone or mobile, our range of biometric products will protect your assets, effortlessly and reliably.


A spectacular biometric registration device for easy multimodal identity profiling. Ready to use in every application.


The most advanced electronicvisitor identitymanagement solution for effortless and compliant record-keeping and reliable access control.


A switching layer for multimodal biometric processing in a multi-channel environment. Provides digital user authentication and reduces fraud by mitigating identity risk.

Our Associates:

Creating exciting opportunities for organisations to work together in developing identity management solutions and exploiting business synergies.

The support services we offer:

Enrolment Support

Successful Identity solutions starts with the quality of enrolment. Whether you need to establish a national population register or merely enrol your employees, we are here to help.

Identity as a Service

Our cloud based Identity as a Service allows for online identity profiling and real time verification of identity information, ensuring trust in every type of transaction.

Compliancy audits

Compliancy Audits

We can help you comply with all relevant standards and best practices, whether it is in your development project or the deployment of an enterprise biometric solution.