Mobile Biometrics Products - ID Screen

Biometrics are by far the most convenient and reliable means to identify and authenticate people. For law enforcement, border control, civil enrolment and elections, or firms that want to check employee/visitor IDs, the use of ID Screen™ for fingerprint and facial recognition has already proved invaluable. Today, IDEMIA has taken that solution to a new level. The ID Screen, its third generation multi application biometric tablet, built upon the successes of its predecessors. ID Screen offers improved ergonomics yet with more power, connectivity and autonomy for all use cases enabled.

●      8" touchscreen tablet with incorporated FBI PIV IQS and STQC certified optical fingerprint sensor

●      8 MP camera with dual LED for face capture, 1D/2D barcode and MRZ reading

●      Contact, contactless smart card and e-passport reader

●      Signature capture

●      Embedded security features

●      Connectivity: Bluetooth, 4G/3G and Wi-Fi

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