Electronic Visitor Identity Management (EVIM)

An Accurate Visitor Book You Can Trust

EVIM is a cloud-based solution specifically built for visitor management. Utilising a mobile data capture and fingerprint scanning device at the point of entry, it reinforces security with a digital visitor register. Unlike the traditional paper-based visitor book, this ingenious device captures, registers and verifies all data in real time with the National Centre of Certified Identities (NCCI). Not only does EVIM enhance the visitor handling process, it also minimises the risk for criminal behaviour associated with identity fraud and provides improved accountability and compliancy to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

All recorded information is stored on a secure, compliant offsite server and is kept confidential. Information is processed and managed in a Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) compliant environment and is only used for access control purposes. Access to this information is strictly controlled and protected.

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Accurate Information

This ingenious device captures data and automatically verifies ID data against the National Centre for Certified Identities  (NCCI) database to ensure correct visitor information is recorded.

Secure Records

EVIM stores the electronic register of your visitors to your workplace securely in the cloud; only authorised personnel will have access to these visitor records.

Legally Compliant

Information is processed and managed in a Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) & OHSA compliant environment and is only used for visitor access control purposes.

Fast and Efficient

All information is verified in real-time and transactions are processed in less than 30 seconds. EVIM creates a professional visitor experience without compromising the safety and security of your community.

Meeting your needs

Suitable for office parks, residential estates, or any organisation who values their visitors. Customisable for industry specific demands, adding valuable information in operational processes.

A Great Experience

Streamlining the entire process to ensure the visitor has an effortless and seamless experience, from registration at the gate, welcome at reception, to departure from the site.

"Managing my visitors at our offices has never been so quick and easy."

"The EVIM system has allowed me to rest easy in the knowledge that my visitors data is stored safely and securely in compliance with regulations."

A Visitor Management System that supports your Strategy

Fully Configurable

EVIM can be configured to manage visitors, contractors, onsite events, incident reports, etc. On submission, business rules will process each transaction to ensure your security protocols are followed. These could include SMS or email notifications, VIP or access deny lists, etc.

Visitor reports

EVIM provides three sets of reporting: 1. An automated daily report that is sent to the designated site manager via email, 2. Online visitor reports, which are fully searchable with multiple data export options 3. Audit reports that provides movement statistics, peak traffic reports, etc.

Compliancy audits

Value added extras

Free support and training is given for the first 2 weeks of implementation to assist guards and the client with the transition phase to ensure that your company receives the maximum benefit from using the EVIM solution.

Our EVIM App Is Now Available!

A powerful registration terminal plus the mobile app facilitates an effortless experience at the entrance

EVIM integrates QR code technology to uniquely identify VIP's, specific events or appointments and fast track processing
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Manage your visitors responsibly

Beyond the fact that the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires companies to keep a register of the entries and exits, it is good corporate governance to know at all times who is on your premises. Organisations have a responsibility to ensure high levels of safety and security for all people at all times.

According to the POPI act, organisations must also secure personal information in their possession or under their control by taking appropriate and reasonable technical and organisational measures to prevent loss, damage and unauthorised processing of personal information, as well as unlawful access or use of such information.

EVIM helps you to comply with both OHSA and POPIA.