Identity As A Service (IDaaS)

Digital identity management is becoming more and more of a requirement, not a nice to have. Modern identification schemes require a high level of sophistication in order to deliver the necessary trust. As a result, identity schemes are getting smarter and public administrators are spending more and more resources in advancing the intelligence of the physical identity token, encrypting the data stored on this token and improving the physical delivery methods to ensure the rightful owner receives it.

The Ideco IDaaS is a trusted identity assurance ecosystem using advanced biometrics, secure cloud processing and mobile technology to certify identities with an Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act compliant digital certificate of authenticity, in real-time to assist with digital identity management.

Ideco's IDaaS comprises of a cloud-based solution for identity management & verification, which could be applied in various applications such as Know Your Customer (KYC) at point of sale, access management (IAM) functions such as secure sign-on (SSO), or simply to ensure customers are who they claim to be. IDaaS offers a comprehensive real-time customer identification framework that meets the mandates of all respective parties while maintaining the associated irrefutable digital trust in every verification transaction.

The various services available through our real-time identity management API

Digital identity management including electronic ID verification and transaction authentication is a requirement of the modern world. Our products, software and services assist with securing your company's digital assets through various authentication methods: