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Own your Identity

Identity is the most personal and distinguishing quality of a person. And although it is the responsibility of the person to protect the integrity of his or her identity, it is continuously being exposed and at risk due to the commercial Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

With nuID you can enjoy complete freedom while being in full control of your identity. It closes the gap between Governments issuing civil identities and adherence to all citizens’ privacy requirements. It is the first-line defence in identity theft protection.

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You will never again have to queue for a
certified copy of your Proof of Identity

nuID provides a reliable alternative to sharing certified copies of trusted documents. Once you have nuID activated on your phone, it represents irrefutable proof of your identity and fully complies with regulatory requirements.
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Impress your customers, comply with legislation

When customers needs to prove their Identity, nuID effortlessly facilitates access to a trusted certified copy of these identity documents without any compromise to privacy of compliance.
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Minimize fraud
Minimise Fraud

The most common source of Identity fraud is fake documents. nuID definitively links the true identity and provides verifiable trusted digital documents which are securely signed with advanced crypto keys.

Faster onboarding
faster Onboarding

Ensuring the validity of the Identity provided during account origination can be a challenging proposition. nuID provides auditable proof of Identity verification.

Going digital
Going Digital

nuID enables authentication at every touch point through a simple scan of the document QR code. The nuID API provides the flexibility to ensure access to relevant information only, with the transaction reference number as proof.

Fully compliant
Fully Compliant

nuID reduces the risk of privacy violations and potential data breaches since copies of personal documents no longer need to be stored. Proof of verification is recorded with detailed audit logs ensuring full compliance.