Quality Biometric Products for
Digital Access Control Systems and
Identity Management

Africa’s leader in the Design, Distribution and Integration of Biometric Solutions.

Biometric Products for Modern Identity Management

Ideco supplies quality biometric products for access control, enrolment, time attendance, identity proofing, authentication and more. Our products are of superior standard and tested and trusted by law enforcement agencies globally, including SAPS.

Ensuring peace of Mind

Utilisation of our solutions will ensure measurable business benefits:

  • Accuracy- avoiding false acceptance through accurate performance
  • Compliance- regulatory and technical compliance providing irrefutable case material
  • Security- eradicating risk of breaches; ensuring stringent enforcement of policies
  • Integration- eliminating the use of multiple systems and complex interfaces
  • Speed- ensuring fast responses with maximum throughput and efficiency

Benefits of Biometric Products

True fake finger detection:

● True fake finger detection simply cannot be spoofed.
● Measuring human characteristics at various points on the finger.
● Protects against the use of fingerprint replicas or dead fingers.

Best in class biometric terminals:

● Exceeds FBI, FIPS 201 and NIST (MINEX) requirements.
● Tested and trusted by law enforcement agencies including SAPS.
● Preventing ghost employees at the point of enrolment.
● Can prevent identity fraud in most transactions.

Ideco Biometric Quality Products - IDEMIA

Ideco Biometrics has been Africa’s leading supplier of quality Idemia brand biometric products. IDEMIA, formerly Morpho S.A.S. was created by Sagem Sécurité in 2007, and rebranded to Morpho in 2010. It is not uncommon to hear product requests for any of these names. After many acquisitions and mergers, Morpho changed to Idemia in 2017. The product quality is still exceptional, the only difference is the brand name it falls under. Read more about the name change for Idemia/Morpho/Sagem biometric terminals.