BioGate - A Trusted Foundation for a Secure and Flexible Digital Future

The World’s first Identity Switch™ - Seamlessly Unifying the Identity Ecosystems


BioGate is the world’s first biometric identity validation platform, enabling real time authentication of customer identities using multiple sources of biometric and demographic data. Most legacy systems are unable to meet the continuously changing demands for improved and reliable identity validation. BioGate effectively enables the seamless deployment of identity-based services to any possible customer touch point without the complexities of integrating to legacy systems.

Using BioGate will enable organizations to benefit from a world leading authentication architecture that can function as the core-processing platform for every type of identity validation across multiple delivery channels.

Identity Management Solutions & Products

Customer Authentication

BioGate integrates real-time data from multiple sources (including biometrics) to allow for a more comprehensive view of the customer. This allows organizations to better manage identity risk and personalize their authentication requirements.

Advanced Service Delivery

BioGate ensures consistency of service levels and information across multiple customer touch points. When deployed on high availability server infrastructure, it can form the heart of a customer centric e-Government strategy.

Service Agility and Flexibility

Using a modern integration architecture and protocols, transaction processing by application, channel, customer, or biometric modality, BioGate can facility trust in every possible

Building Customer Trust

A switching layer for multimodal biometric processing in a multi-channel environment. Provides digital user authentication and reduces fraud by mitigating identity risk.