Biometric Access Control Products - VisionPass

VisionPass is the newest addition to IDEMIA's range of frictionless biometric access control devices, and the most powerful facial recognition device in the market. Elaborated in collaboration with partners and end-users, this robust and reliable device provides near-motion 1-second verification through multiple angles and in all light conditions, and is resistant to all kinds of spoofing attempts.

●    High performance: near-motion 1-second matching with up to 40,000 users

●    Unique security, including Presentation Attack Detection

●    Easy deployment

See it working with everyone in every situation, everytime

Unique performances

VisionPass combines a state- of-the-art 2D/3D/infrared cameras with IDEMIA’s latest advances in AI and image processing to enable a high level of security and real user convenience.

True security

Built of IDEMIA’s latest spoof detection mechanisms, VisionPass is resistant to spoofing attempts. It copes with face changes (helmet, headset, change of haircut, glasses, etc.)

Powerful & Fast

Wide angle detection for persons of all sizes (1.20-2.00m) with near-motion 1-second matching with up to 40,000 users independent of the light conditions.

Easy deployment

VisionPass can be deployed
at any location: indoor (wall
or gate-mounted) or outdoor (IP65 rated), thus simplifying its integration among your existing Idemia implementaiton.

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