African governments to get first look at revolutionary identity ecosystem at ID4Africa

June 1, 2021

Ahead of the launch of the world-first NuID digital identity system in South Africa later this year, Ideco will give delegates to ID4Africa a live demonstration of this next-generation digital identity ecosystem in action. 

Ideco’s innovative solutions portfolio, including its BioGate switch, enable governments and organisations to integrate a range of disparate identity solutions into a seamless multi-purpose identity ecosystem. This unique ability to integrate systems supports single view of the citizen identification, authentication and service delivery.

Ideco CEO Marius Coetzee says: “A major challenge any government faces is that over the past several years they have invested in many disparate systems. What we will be showing at ID4Africa is absolutely unique – supporting integration and full compatibility across any compliant biometrics from any system, processing them according to the necessary rules and standards, extracting the necessary templates and standards and enabling the profile through integration layers to any potential touchpoint.”

At ID4Africa, Ideco will showcase in a live environment the true power of digital identity beyond electronic cards and IDs, to encompass authentication and identification across every transaction in which authentication is required.  

Delegates will receive a QR code and full instructions in their event guide, enabling the activation of their demo “United States of Africa” digital identities. They will also be issued with sample identity cards, and will then be able to test the technologies in a real world environment at the Ideco stand, using their digital identities at a simulated point of sale terminal and police check environment, as well as experiencing seamless gate access using facial and iris recognition. Delegates will experience the simplicity of digital transaction authorisation, and see the verification and authentication process, keysharing and audit trail.   

Ideco will demonstrate its capacity to connect physically disparate systems to create the ideal single view of the life of the citizen, supporting governments across the continent in moving to more seamless and efficient service delivery.

“Our strength lies in integration with full compatibility and growth into every direction – nobody else in world has tied all the components of biometrics, authentication and identity management together in this way,” says Coetzee.

Ideco is Africa's leading supplier of new age biometrics, services and solutions for visitor management, workforce management, access control and all aspects of identity control.  Ideco’s innovations include:

Identity 4.0 – the next level of trusted digital identity, Identity 4.0 is an integration platform that securely delivers trusted e-documents such as e-IDs, e-passports and e-licences via smartphones to offer a comprehensive real-time customer identification framework that maintains irrefutable digital trust.

BIMS – a spectacular all-in-one enrolment and authentication station barely larger than a laptop, facilitating smart identification across all key biometric modalities.

BioGate – a full-featured identity switch that unifies multiple identity systems to create a trusted foundation for a secure and flexible digital future.