The Benefits of Integrated Access Management Systems

October 15, 2019

In today’s fast paced, digitally forward world, companies look for ways to save time as well as costs by simplifying internal systems. The idea of having to login to multiple systems for one process is a pain, so systems that work together seamlessly are at the forefront of all business operational expenses.

Companies want convenience where system on-boarding is simple and learning the processes and software is easy and straightforward.  

Enter Integrated Access Management Systems.

Also known by the abbreviation, IAM, it does more than the name suggests. Integration by definition means that things are brought, or work together.

Integrated access control systems work with more than just the front door, so to speak. In addition to physical access, it is a method of providing users access to applications, systems and documents throughout the company that are required for individual job function. It can also integrate with a number of systems, the most popular of which is HR. 

One system to oversee it all.

Human Resources may be one department, but the functions it serves are multiple. There are three key areas where an Integrated Access Management System will improve the life of any HR manager.

Identity Management - The most fundamental data is captured from general employee enrolment. Whether the person is registered as an employee or not, and in addition what type of privileges they have, ie level of seniority.

Access Management for Security - Controlling who is allowed into the building or office, or providing user permissions for certain sections of the building/office by means of integrating with for example fingerprint or other biometric data scanners. An effective access control system will establish who is entering (or leaving) a controlled area so that the security team knows the status of their site at any given point. This also makes the site more secure, should an employee no longer work for the company, one update to their profile will automatically refuse them entry into the premises in the future.

Time & Attendance Tracking  - Knowing exactly when any individual entered the premises, and acting as a more secure employee clocking system for shifts. This makes it much easier to register staff absences or lateness and adjust salary payments accordingly, saving money on any lost or unproductive working time. This sector integrates with the Payroll function of HR.

Benefits of of Integrated Access Management Systems

The top benefit of an integrated management system is that when a change is made in one system, that change may result in updates to permissions in many other systems, saving you quite a bit of time. 

Other benefits include:

1. Reliable, constantly up to date access management

Seamless integration of different data sources, and transforming that data into a standardized format that is compatible with the IAM system, means knowing that user information and permissions are always accurate and current.

2. A single source of truth

Synchronising information from a variety of systems enables business-wide consistency and auditability, helping to ensure security and regulatory compliance.

3. More efficient workflows with more power to less technical teams

An intuitive interface brings more control to business (as opposed to highly technical) users. Managing and maintaining user permissions becomes easier and more efficient when it doesn’t have to be done by expensive developers.

4. Time and money savings with automation

Automating data transformations, processes and reporting reduces unnecessary duplication of work, and makes scaling your system to accommodate new users and applications possible.

5. Less human error with better transparency

Find and fix any problems quickly, with full visibility into the data integration processes and automated error notifications.

Speak to our integration team to discuss your access management requirements and find the product that is right for your company.