Why Your Business Should Consider Biometric Access Systems

There are many benefits to implementing a biometric access system for your company, premises or building, and it is not only for large corporations. In a world where it is so easy to spoof keycards and password, companies are increasingly vulnerable and protection against unauthorised guests is becoming increasingly vital.

Many organisations find it enough to employ a security guard, or receptionist at the entrance to control and monitor who comes and goes - but even that is not a sure deterrent to would be unauthorised guests. It only takes a few minutes to turn their back, make a cup of coffee, etc. for someone to sneak through and access the premises. Those within usually don’t think anything of it as they assume the person was vetted at the front desk on entry, and so a couple of items could go missing, or valuable information get stolen, or a computer virus is planted. 

Ironclad security is critical to safeguarding your employees, customers and data, and this is where biometric authentication comes into the fold.

5 Benefits of Biometric Security or Access Authentication Systems

1. Authorised Access

One of the primary advantages to biometric readers is the ability to restrict access. 

Biometric systems use fingerprint, iris, palm-vein and facial verification amongst others to positively identify individuals, enabling automation, secure access, authorise transactions, shift management and more.

2. Time-Attendance Tracking & Accountability

In addition to managing access to areas within a company, biometric access control systems can prove invaluable for timekeeping and workforce management. Fingerprint security systems will confirm when an employee arrives, and leaves work. Biometric authentication results in more accurate time logs and fewer mistakes - especially if using traditional time sheets or card-clocking systems. It also provides a more accurate attendance tracking for payroll purposes as it can’t be spoofed.

And, in the event of any unfortunate disaster, there is a better way of doing roll call . Attendance data is easy to confirm, analyse and reported as necessary since it is digital.

3. Improved Security

Biometric authentication substantially boosts security to your building and, subsequently, staff safety. As biometric readers, such as fingerprint scanners, work by determining whether the fingerprint matches the registered template and other characteristics stored within the system, unauthorised entry risk is minimised. Traditional keycards are also easily shared, forgotten, or lost and picked up by anyone else, and it is easy to watch someone entering a PIN code and then gain access.

4. All-round Convenience

Your biometric credentials are always with you. You don’t have to remember a pin or to pack your keycard.

Biometric systems also provide centralised control for security administrators. There’s no need to reset the passwords. Once the biometric identity is activated, all access credentials are deployed and working.

5. Lowers Admin Costs

Modern biometric identification management systems include hardware and software that are simple to install and easy to use. This reduces the need for intense training and ongoing management costs. Plus, biometric identification management helps save other costs such payroll costs, the cost of issuing new ID cards and replacing lost or damaged keycards.

As companies evolve, it’s critical for security to grow along with it. Another major advantage of biometric verification is the ability to easily scale as the company grows.


Biometric access control systems do require installation and integration, but when working with a qualified installer, the process is relatively simple. The hardware integrates with a variety of HR software products including payroll products depending on the product you choose. Specialised integration could also be facilitated to improve security in existing business systems.


The initial outlay comes from the product you choose, how you integrate it and then where and how you wish to install it. Installing biometric readers can significantly save on costs in the long-term - especially if your company plans to grow and scale employees. Likewise, if you have many employees, you can cut costs on producing, maintaining and assigning keycards and benefit from more accurate attendance registers.

Ultimately, there are many advantages to utilising biometric security solutions. Biometric identification management systems offer higher security, convenience, accountability, and accurate audit trails.Speak to our biometrics team to discuss your access control requirements and find the product that is right for your company.