VisionPass SP
Advanced facial recognition access control device

Introducing VisionPass SP, the newest member of IDEMIA’s biometric access control lineup, designed to deliver seamless user identification for access control purposes. Boasting the essential features and capabilities of the well-established VisionPass, this sleek and compact SP version ensures precise and fair matching results within a fraction of a second for all users, regardless of lighting conditions.

VisionPass Sp
Sleek and compact
User capacity
Up to 10,000 users
●   Automatic deep-sleep mode to save energy
●   Saves up to 75% power consumption
●   Ultra low power consumption
Adaptable to
face changes
Wide angle
for all environments
●   PoE+ power supply
●   No need for external power supply
Embedded anti-spoofing capability certified by an independent testing body
Effective in all
lighting conditions
Multi-factor Authentication
●    Facial Biometric
●    Card: MiFare & DesFire
●    PIN code
●    QR code
features that surpass its size
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The ultimate facial recognition access control device. The VisionPass range by IDEMIA offers near-motion secure identity verification with minimum behavioural adaptation.
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