Biometric Enrolment Systems - MorphoTop Slim

The MorphoTop Slim device is a fingerprint scanning & capturing device for large scale, as with the MorphoTop, however the design is smaller and easier to store on desks etc.

Fingerprint capture is one of the most common uses of biometrics, providing ID registration and authentication for large-scale projects, whether governmental (population registration, elections, etc.) or more recently commercial (customer on-boarding).

IDEMIA is the world leader in the field, having accurately recorded for its clients the details of two billion people. Now, organizations can harness the benefits of the latest Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) technology with a next-generation live scan device: MorphoTop Slim by IDEMIA.

●      Captures 4 fingers simultaneously

●      Captures rolled fingers

●      With software for fingerprint sequencing according to international standards

●      Compliant with FBI IAFIS-IQS, ANSI-NIST and ISO standards

●      Optimises enrolment time for 10 finger enrolment

●      Standalone ergonomic and slim desktop reader

●      Image and template processing using world leading algorithms

●      Integration support available from Ideco

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