Biometric Access Control Products - MA VP

Providing highly secure access control solutions that can be used by everyone – to protect premises or the restricted areas of a building – is an increasing issue for many organizations. To meet that need, IDEMIA has developed the first access control terminal to combine finger vein and fingerprint biometrics in a single unit: MorphoAccess VP.

This advanced hybrid technology provides unrivalled accuracy and enhanced resistance to spoofing. The False Rejection Rate (FRR) of MorphoAccess VP is 10 times lower than the best rate obtained with finger vein or fingerprint data when processed alone. In addition, this multimodal reader is universal and easy-to-adopt: it is well suited to individuals who may experience difficulties with single-mode devices while offering the same ease of use as for fingerprints alone.

●      Ground-breaking multimodal biometric security

●      Unrivalled accuracy, security and performance

●      5,000 - 10,000 enrolled personnel (two fingers per person)

●      Multifactor authentication (Cards and Fingerprints)

●      Networked and power over Ethernet

●      IP65 rated subject to mounting conditions

●      Easy to integrate into existing access control solutions

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